The Founder's Story

I became painfully aware of the fact that I had problem skin when I was just six years old. That’s when I first felt the itchy burn of red splotches across my arms, legs, & chest. I can still remember the look of distress on my father’s face when I showed him the mysterious marks. If I had known at the time just how long I would battle this painful skin condition, that look would have made more sense at the time. 

The older I got, the more it spread, & the more insecure I became. Soon, scaly red patches covered my stomach, back, ears, neck, & soon enough, my face.

Even though I grew up in sunny Los Angeles, I spent years of my life hiding these red, itchy patches on my arms & legs under long-sleeve shirts & ankle-length pants.

Pool party invitations were always declined. Tank tops were out of the question. The physical pain was tremendous. Scaly skin gave way to cracks that would keep me up at night, but the emotional anguish of growing up with this secret was almost worse. While friends donned shorts & took day trips to the beach, I stayed home. 

After nearly two decades of fruitlessly searching for the product that would save my skin, I decided to create it myself using the ingredients I knew my skin loved. That product is the Supreme Cream & it has totally transformed my skin. 

The Supreme Cream is not only vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, & sustainably sourced, but it is uniquely formulated for those with dry & sensitive skin. These products are created with empathy, understanding, & hope that you too can see your skin return to better health.

I wish I could give this cream to 6-year-old Asia who didn’t know what was happening to her skin, or to 13-year-old Asia, who bundled herself up & hid from the world. But while I can’t give these products to those little girls, I hope it can help you.

No one should have to hide the way I did for so long. No one should have to endure the physical & emotional pain of sensitive or problem skin, & no one should have to resort to using hormone-disrupting, toxic, or synthetic chemicals topically to find relief. That’s why I created hide&seek.

So now that you are here, it's time to stop hiding, because I think you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

Let YOUR skin be found with hide&seek.