The Founder's Story

For those of you that don’t know, I began struggling with my skin at a very young age. Growing up, hiding my skin became a regular thing to do. No matter what the situation was, it was very rare to ever get a glimpse of it.
Feeling the way I did for so long, my only goal was to try to find a way that other people wouldn’t have to go through the same thing I had gone through. In other words, my goal was & still is to help other people find their true skin the same way I did - mentally & physically by promoting mental health, gut health & skin health all in one.
Here is my story.
The day I experienced my skin issue for the very first time, I was about six years old.
I was in my childhood home playing the game Hide and Seek.
As I came out from my hiding spot I noticed a strange, itchy feeling throughout my skin. Moments later - red, scaly spots covered my arms & legs. These spots were nothing I ever realized before & I had no idea what was happening to my skin.
At the time, my dad was really distraught over this, not wanting it to affect my life the way he knew it would. Little did I know, he was right.
The older I got, the more insecure I became.
For almost three years straight, I made sure to never be seen in a shirt that could show my arms or pants that could show my legs. I lived in jeans & jackets so that no one could see the scaly patches that covered my elbows & knees.
I never wore anything that could show my skin & this soon started to become something that ruled my daily life.
It spread to my stomach, my back, my ears, my neck, & soon enough, my face.
I was then on a journey that felt life long, to find something that could help bring some relief.
I started experimenting with every product & raw ingredient I could get my hands on. Mixing each of my favorite products with a tincture of CBD. 
After doing this for several years & every time thinking I almost found what my skin needed, nothing was ever quite right. I finally decided that it made the most sense to take the knowledge I then had + the ingredients I knew my skin loved & create something myself.
This was when my best-selling product was created,
hide&seek's CBD Infused Supreme Cream
The Supreme Cream is not only vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic & filled with the cleanest ingredients but it is uniquely formulated, made especially for those with dry & sensitive skin - created with empathy, understanding & hope that this product can help others take the first step to bettering their skin health the same way it did for me.
Committing to self care & focusing on the steps I needed to take was when I saw the biggest transformation & using this cream allowed me to commit to myself & commit to my skin even more. 
Feeling so insecure at such a young age is something I would never wish upon anyone. Trying to recover from those feelings were hard, but it was something I am proud to say, made me who I am today.
So now that you are here, it's time to stop hiding, because I hope to have found what you’ve been looking for.
Let YOUR skin be found with hide&seek.