Sustainability Promise

Before hide&seek was brought to life, I made a promise that I continue to stand by, that no matter what we decide to put out, our 2 homes will never take a toll from it. With our clean choice of ingredients, you can be sure that it will not have any harm on your body. & with our sustainable choice in packaging, the earth will lose nothing from it either. Every single item you receive from us can be recycled. 

See down below to learn more about each item you have received from us!

A L U M I N U M   T U B E S

Our aluminum tubes are made with a BPA-free lining & recyclable caps.
Free of any extra unnecessary packaging - this aluminum tube stands alone when it is purchased.

Not only are these tubes safe for the environment, but they also help keep our Supreme Cream formula fresher than any other packaging would.


Our kraft mailer boxes are 100% recyclable.

When you are finished opening up your package, you can either reuse this mailer or just toss it in the recycling bin to be recycled.

M A I L E R   F I L L E R

Our chocolate mailer filler (crinkle paper) is 100% recyclable.

The dye that is used to get the chocolate color, is non-toxic to both humans & animals.

B U S I N E S S   &
T H A N K   Y O U   C A R D S

Our thank you cards are made out of environmentally friendly card stock.

Printed & purchased at my local printing shop. Always shop local!

P A C K I N G   S L I P S

Our packing slips are made out of BPA-free thermal paper.

They have also passed RoHs certification.

P A C K I N G   T A P E

Our gummed kraft packing tape is made out of paper so it is completely natural.

It is 100% recyclable & compostable.

P A C K I N G   P A P E R

Our honeycomb cushioning packing paper is made out of 100% biodegradable kraft paper.

It is 100% eco-friendly & recyclable.


Do you have a suggestion on how to better our sustainability promise?
Please email us and let us know! We are always looking to better footprint.